Planned Workout

January 30, 2012

3 mile + run – try to work soreness out of legs

Strength training

Swim – just enough to get feel of water and work on drills

We’ll see what I actually do …

Paces and More Starting Position

January 29, 2012

Sore today from the half-marathon.  Tightness in hamstrings, especially right leg.

Chicago Marathon is 10/7/2012.  Based on a 15K time of 1:30:17, a realistic pace for me would be 4:41.  That would imply long training runs of 11:45 and tempo runs of 10:45.

Weight is 166.6 lbs

 – 135.13 lean body mass

 – 31.49 pounds fat

To get to 9% body fat, would have to drop to 148 pounds (another 18.6 pound loss) while not losing any lean body mass (or could lose less weight by converting some fat to lean body mass).


Starting Position for 2012

January 29, 2012

Current stats:
– Waist: 92 cm
– Hips: 95 cm
– Waist / Hip Ratio: 0.98 (target is 0.90; implies waist of 85.5 cm (33.7 in)
– Body Fat %: 18.9% (Target 8%)

Took these following a day with a half marathon followed by gorging on Mexican food; not sure how those two things cancel one another out.

3 mile tempo run

November 4, 2009

4.75 miles total; 3 miles @ 10:07 pace – was well below 10 min mile pace for last mile.  Felt great, though tired and winded at end.  Goal was an 11:34 pace, so my training goals are too light, but that’s fine as it is motivating to be able to beat these easy times.  Still have to do weights and stretching today, but it will have to happen in the evening.

Nov 2 weights

November 3, 2009

Leg Extensions: 25×15; 40×8

Close Grip Lat Pull Down: 40×15; 70×8

Biceps Curl: 20×15 (with two separate 10 lb weights)

Wrist Curl: 10×10 (with two separate 5 lb weights)

Seated Leg Lifts: 15

Nov 2 workout

November 2, 2009

Woke up late, so just got my run in this a.m. – easy run of 3 mi in 12:04 min mile versus target of 2 mi @ 13:13 pace.  Still have to do weights, which will have to be at my hotel tonight.

Tuesday Workout

October 21, 2009

Ran 4.5 miles at slow pace (13 min mile)

10 pushups

15 situps

Plan for today

October 18, 2009

It’s now one week from the marathon, so I will do a light run in the evening.  No time or distance goal.  Then upon return, go to the hotel’s gym and do weight training, upper body.



October 16, 2009

Post-nasal drip.  Sore throat and headache.


October 14, 2009

1o min at a fast pace, just to loosen up muscles.  Still sore from Marathon, but starting to feel less tight and ready to get back into the exercise regime.


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